303 - Location information

Flexible, representative, top location: ideal for photo and video productions. But not only...

With a large stock of bar tables, tableware, etc., 303-PHOTOSTUDIO can be used for a variety of purposes. Here are some of the possibilities:

Rental studio for photo and video productions

The 303-PHOTOSTUDIO is one of the most flexible rental studios in Switzerland. The installed curtain system allows the recording area to be divided into 6 different studio areas in a matter of seconds. From a 4 x 6 m studio for packshots or business portraits to a studio with a total length of 15 m - depending on your needs and budget, you can rent the appropriate space at 303.

40% on the equipment after the 2nd day (per calendar year).

Always included in the price of studio rent:
Light stands (4 masters large/small each), weight bags, 4 styro plates 2.4 x 1 m white/black with stand, 1 rolling stool, cable reels, 5 Double SuperClamp, large clamp set, Manfrotto background system for paper reels up to 2.72 m, various ladders (one up to the ceiling), rolling cart for laptop etc.

Basic package LIGHT (+ CHF 100.-)
2 generators, 3 lamps, 1 softbox EM 55 x 95 cm, 1 softbox C 70 x 70 cm, 1 umbrella each white/transparent 105 cm, 1 umbrella silver 85 cm, sync cable 5 m, radio trigger/receiver PocketWizard PlusX, 2 adapter pegs Manfrotto Avenger E200
> additional material can be rented

Price overview rental studio & studio plan 303

Location for model castings

You are planning a big casting with a lot of waiting room possibilities or you need a location with catwalk seating or you are organizing a casting including shooting possibilities in a separate room...? We are open and curious about your ideas!

Price overview rental studio & studio plan 303

Workspace, trainings, meetings

Are you looking for a place for a small working group to work in peace and quiet? You are giving a training, but you are missing a suitable location? You are planning a staff meeting with the possibility to shoot an update of the business portraits right afterwards, and that at a top location in the city of Zurich with best public transport connections and good parking facilities? For such and other requirements, 303 offers the ideal conditions. Large, bright room, quiet, equipped with whiteboard and flipchart. Tables and chairs in the desired number, beamer etc. can be rented externally on request and according to your needs. Best you come by and we discuss your wishes and the possibilities right on the spot.

Price overview rental studio & studio plan 303

Showroom for fashion collections

With our tripods and tubes we build you a 10 m long clothes rail. Or provide you with several tables for laying goods. Or a combination of both. If you want to organize a small fashion show, we can equip the studio with bistro tables, organize a DJ and and and... Fog machines, disco lights, rolling stands, steamer & steam ironing station - all available!

Price overview rental studio & studio plan 303