News - News and information about 303-Photostudio

Photo & video production for elite Model Look 2023 Switzerland

client: Elite Model Look Switzerland
provider: optionmodelagency
eml-team: DD COM Zürich and Grazia Covre
photographer: Lauren Isabel
videographer: Lisa Valentini
hair: ghel
assistant: Bryan
location & equipment: 303-PHOTOSTUDIO


SAVAGE background paper in 55 colors

At 303-PHOTOSTUDIO, all colors available in Switzerland are at your disposal in widths of 3.56 m, 2.72 m and 2.18 m. We carry ALL 55 colors - for rent or purchase.


The English translations are completed!

Our English-speaking customers will appreciate it - the 303 website has been translated and is now also available in English.


The 303-PHOTOSTUDIO goes online

Finally the time has come - the 303-PHOTOSTUDIO gets its own internet presence with the domain name The website not only provides all information and possibilities of this location, it is also your new tool for studio and equipment requests. In spite of the large rental assortment, we hope that our website has remained clear and that you can find your way around easily.
We hope you enjoy clicking through the pages. If you notice a bug or have an idea for an optimization, we appreciate any feedback. Not everything is perfect yet (for example the english version is not translated yet, the «matching accessories» for the articles have to be optimized etc. etc.) - but we are working on it :-)


Fastening - from sand to steel

Except for the 35 kg sandbag on the large 425 boom, the 303-PHOTOSTUDIO is now «sand-free». The advantages of the weight bags filled with steel balls: they are much more compact and also do not cause (sand) dust!
Thus, even with large demand, the external renting and hauling of weight bags is no longer necessary. Together with the weight plates from FOBA and counterweights from Manfrotto, we have here counterweights totaling about 500 kg!


Hair & Makeup - let there be light

The hair & makeup artists will have fun with it: The lighting around the 2.5 m long mirror is installed!
And that it is good to work and the models & customers do not look pale, the color temperature and brightness can be infinitely adjusted.