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303 - a room with many possibilities

The premises of 303 can be used in a variety of ways and thanks to the optimal location are very easy to reach by most means of transport - even by boat ;-) Whether for photo and video productions, model castings, trainings, meetings, etc.. - the 303 offers the space and has the necessary equipment! Mehr dazu unter INFO.

Work in the 303

For your first bookings, someone will of course be on site to show and explain everything to you. The goal, however, is that smaller productions / bookings can be carried out step by step more and more independently. Very regular tenants can even work completely autonomously in the 303 via online calendar and key pressor. You make our 303 your studio. And that's exactly what the price system is based on. If in the distant future all bookings would have to be accompanied compulsory and constant, then we could not offer these prices. Since regular tenants already know their way around the studio very well and can therefore also manage on their own, this gives us the necessary flexibility to also realize our own jobs, which of course make up the main part of our income as photographers.


Depending on the order and need, you sometimes need a large studio, sometimes a small one is enough. Once you need additional equipment, the other time preferably a large hair & makeup - area. The requirements for a rental studio are always different. And it is precisely these different needs that the 303 concept with its divisible studio areas meets. The 303 is just as suitable for larger productions as for the very small shootings. Depending on the job, you rent the space you need from us - it's as simple as that. And the big advantage? Thanks to this concept, you can use the 303 for a wide variety of productions, so you'll quickly get to know the place very well - and also benefit from an offer that gives you even greater flexibility for your studio jobs (from the 2nd rental per calendar year).

Furnishings / equipment

Here is an overview of what is available in terms of furnishings in the 303 and also included in the rental price (in the case of a partial rental, a corresponding share of it):

  • Wardrobe at the entrance (20 hangers)
  • Sitting table with 6 chairs
  • small kitchen, own refrigerator, microwave, oven, dishwasher
  • Coffee maker Spinel Pinocchio for pods E.S.E.
  • Hair & Makeup area with 4 chairs
  • Changing room with own wardrobe (20 hangers)
  • Sonos surround system in all studios, separately controllable
  • fast WLAN
  • Garden seating area with table and benches
  • Toilets (outside of the studio)
  • plus of course a lot of material that can be rented if needed

Furthermore, these quantities of glasses, cups, plates and cutlery are available:

  • Water glass 3 dl (24)
  • Beer glass sBier 2,5 dl (12)
  • Champagne glass (12)
  • White wine glass (6)
  • Red wine glass (6)
  • Burgundy glass (4)
  • Bordeaux glass (4)
  • Liqueur and noble brandy glass (4)
  • Café latte cup 300 ml with saucer (20)
  • Cappuccino cup 150 ml with saucer (20)
  • Espresso cup 80 ml with saucer (20)
  • Cortado Glass 120 ml (9)
  • Cortado Glass 70 ml (9)
  • Plate flat 240 mm (20)
  • Knife, fork, soup spoon (20)
  • Coffee spoon, espresso spoon (20)

In case of a larger demand for dishes and cutlery, we charge a flat rate of CHF 0.50 per used glass, cup, plate or cutlery set for the organization and cleaning. If glasses, cups or plates are broken, they will be charged at flat replacement values:

  • Glasses at CHF 2.-/glass: Water glass
  • Glasses at CHF 5.-/glass: Beer glass (sBier)
  • Glasses at CHF 6.-/glass: champagne glass, white wine glass, red wine glass, Burgundy glass, Bordeaux glass, liqueur and brandy glass
  • Glasses at CHF 15.-/glass: Cortado glass, Twisted, 70 & 120 ml
  • Coffee cups: CHF 10.-, saucers: CHF 5.-
  • Plate flat 24 cm: CHF 20.-