Background PAPER 2,18 m
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Background paper SAVAGE 2,18 m, per soiled linear meter


Background paper SAVAGE 2,18 m, per soiled linear meter

  • Background paper SAVAGE 2.18 x 11 m (new) or remaining length
  • CHF 10.00 per soiled linear meter
  • Weight: 145 g/m², except 01 SUPER WHITE (163 g/m²)
  • Weight of the whole paper roll (new): 6.35 kg
  • Inner tube diameter: 5.40 cm
  • the rolls with a paper width of 2.18 m are perfect for shootings on location: Still wide enough for most requirements, but much more practical for transport and setup in mostly tight conditions!
  • This price system gives you the possibility to rent different color backgrounds (backdrops) for a shooting at a reasonable price.
  • Please return the paper roll as you received it. We check the condition after each rental, so that the following tenant can take over the background again in a top condition. As an alternative to renting, you can of course also buy the background from us. Price calculation: remaining length x 8 (excl. Velcro) or new, original packed, at CHF 92.85.

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