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Rent or buy - with us you have the choice!

The system works very simply - paper backgrounds from 2.18 to 3.56 m wide can be either purchased or rented from us. When renting, there is always a price per use and a price per soiled linear meter. Already used rolls will be handed over to you in top condition (as good as new, absolutely clean). These are usually just a little shorter and lighter than new rolls, which is even often welcome for out-of-town shootings. The remaining length of each reel is noted in the title, if an already used reel is in stock. So you know exactly if the remaining length is sufficient for your shooting or if you want to rent a new roll with the full length. Please return the paper rolls as you received them (incl. length markings, incl. Velcro straps). Please do NOT cut off the dirty paper after the shooting. We check the condition after each rental and shorten the background if necessary by the soiled linear meters, so that the following tenant can take over the background again in a top condition.

The demand for backgrounds in vinyl is rather modest. Therefore, we carry only a limited assortment. If you need a vinyl background that is suitable for our rental range, we will be happy to order it for you.

You cannot rent photo boxes from us, only buy them. The rental costs would be too high. There is a huge selection of colors available to you. The company URSUS produces about 60 different shades - most variants we have in stock!

Make an appointment - we look forward to your visit.