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Rental studio Zurich I Photo Studio

303-Photostudio - The photo studio for rent for photo and video productions in Zurich

  • Photo studio with a total area of over 200 m² with a room height of 3.6 m
  • 6 different studio areas that can be visually and acoustically separated with heavy molletons - depending on requirements & budget
  • directly accessible from Zurich main station in a few minutes without changing trains. Best accessibility from the right and left (via ferry) shore of Lake Zurich. Connection to all public transport in the city of Zurich (train, streetcar & bus).
  • large rental assortment for photo & video productions
  • Background paper: all 55 colors with roll width 2.72 meters of SAVAGE are constantly in stock with us! In addition, all colors available in Switzerland in widths of 2.18 m and 3.56 m. And for the Still Life photographers: a huge selection of photo cardboard 70 x 100 cm !
  • Hair & Makeup (4 chairs), dressing room, meeting table, 2 separate toilets
  • Kitchen with refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, oven, microwave, hob
  • Coffee (E.S.E. pads), tea, water, sweet beverages - all at cost price
  • fast WLAN, surround sound system in all rooms, separately controllable
  • good parking facilities (48 SBB parking spaces, blue zone, 2 additional parking spaces directly on the SEV area)
  • accessible via stairs and elevator, wheelchair accessible
  • 40% on additional equipment for regular renters (from 2 rental days per calendar year)
  • already included in the rental price for every studio rental:
    8 master tripods (large / small), weight bags, 4 styro plates 2.4 x 1 m white / black with stand, roller stool, cable reels, 5 Double SuperClamp, large clamp set, Manfrotto background system for paper rolls up to 2.72 m, various ladders (one up to the ceiling), trolley for laptop, etc.
  • Basispaket LICHT: kann für pauschal CHF 100.- dazu gemietet werden
    2 generators, 3 lamps, 1 softbox EM 55 x 95 cm, 1 softbox C 70 x 70 cm, 1 umbrella white/transparent 105 cm, 1 umbrella silver 85 cm, sync cable 5 m, radio trigger/receiver PocketWizard PlusX
  • and last, but not least - garden seating area with lake view!

A small selection of previous productions at 303-PHOTOSTUDIO

A small selection of productions so far - not everything, but almost everything is feasible in the 303 !

New in rental service

Our rental equipment is constantly updated and expanded. For questions and suggestions: info@303-photostudio.ch or +41 44 382 00 00

Paper backgrounds for rent or buy - with us you have the choice!

Rent or buy?
Depending on the order / situation, one or the other makes more sense. We have the entire range of SAVAGE of roll widths 2.18 m, 2.72 m and 3.56 m available in Switzerland in stock! We also carry a huge selection of photo boards in the classic 70 x 100 cm size. More information about backgrounds / availability can be found at CONSUMABLES / Background rental info.